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The Imperial Court of Washington, DC

Mailing Address:
Imperial Court of Washington, DC
PO Box 2616
Washington, DC  20013


Her Most Imperial Sovereign Majesty, Empress VII Athena KS Couture Moore

His Most Imperial Sovereign Majesty, Regent Emperor VII Trace Couture Kennady-Smith


Board of Directors

President: Destiny B Childs (Ric Legg Benavides )

Vice-President: Delta B. Knyght  (Bill Snyder)

Secretary: Queen Issa Fella (Greg Alan Moffett)

Treasurer: Morgan King (Dale Hankins)

Member-at-Large: Cookie Von Shigglesworth (Melissa Shigley)

Parliamentarian: Trace Couture Kennady-Smith (Dana Price)

Prime Minister of Protocol: Rudy (Rudy Legg Benavides)


Other Positions

Associate Parliamentarian: Xero B 7 (David Dove Jr)

Associate Treasurer: Andy Williams (Andrew Ward)

Associate Prime Minister of Protocol: Maddawg B Wayves-Dennis (Madeleine Doll)

Community Liaison:  Pup Phoenix (Corey Fisher)

Associate Secretary: Ginger Sparkle (Chrissy Kekseo)

Associate Member-at-Large: Ophelia Bottoms (Chuck McWilliams)


ICWDC College of Monarchs

Dean, College of Monarchs: Ken Jewel Dennis (Alan Crumpler)

Recording Secretary, College of Monarchs: Muffy Blake Stephyns (Daniel Hays)