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The Imperial Court of Washington, DC

Mailing Address:
Imperial Court of Washington, DC
PO Box 2616
Washington, DC  20013


Her Most Imperial Sovereign Majesty, Empress V Cookie Dennis B Childs Von Shigglesworth


Board of Directors

President: Destiny B Childs (Ric Legg Benavides )

Vice-President: CI Tooker Bottoms  (Connie Emery-Walker)

Secretary: Queen Issa Fella (Greg Alan Moffett)

Treasurer: Morgan King (Dale Hankins)

Member-at-Large: Cowboy Childs (Eric Ziegler)

Parliamentarian: Queen Issa Fella (Greg Alan Moffett)

Minister of Protocol: Phoenix Jewel (Mike Sanders)


Other Positions

Associate Parliamentarian: Jack Kazan (Bruce Forchheimer) & Trace Couture Kennady-Smith (Dana Price)

Associate Treasurer: Andy Williams (Andrew Ward)

Associate Minister of Protocol: Trace Kennady Couture-Smith (Dana Price) & Xavier Bottoms (Angel McWilliams)

Community Liaison: Delta Bottoms-Knyght (Bill Snyder)

Associate Secretary: Queen Issa Fella (Greg Moffett)


ICWDC College of Monarchs

Dean, College of Monarchs: Ken Jewel Dennis (Alan Crumpler)

Recording Secretary, College of Monarchs: Muffy Blake Stephyns (Daniel Hayes)