ICP Ball


May 7, 2022 4:30pm – 7:30 pm

Join the Imperial Court of Washington DC, Imperial Crown Princes Justin B Marvelous Von Shigglesworth and Landon B Childs Jewel in an evening full of great entertainment, community togetherness, and all the Shenanigans at this year’s ICP Ball! .

Since this is a State-Event, formal attire is required for all ICWDC Members. Formal attire is encouraged but not required for community guests and members from other Courts are encouraged to attend and walk Protocol.

Information on submitting Protocol can be found here.

ICP Ball – Reign X

~ A Formal Event Benefiting: The ICWDC Reign Charities~

Tickets : $21.00 in advance (includes fee)

Doors Open at  4:30 pm

Show begins promptly at 5:00 pm


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Submission of electronic protocol is required and should be e-mailed to Protocol.
The deadline for submitting electronic versions of Protocol is .

The Imperial Court of Washington DC adheres to the one walk rule with your highest ranking title.
Titles bestowed by Queen Mother of the Americas, Nicole the Great and Jose I, the Widow Norton will not be included.

All other titles will be red-lined as will affiliations with houses and societies.

There will be no greetings, no regrets or ball announcements.  Personal titles (such as the Purple Passion Emperor) will be limited to reigning monarchs only.  Please note, NO dynastic names will be allowed. We ask that you use the name that you are customarily introduced with at your own court functions.
If you have more than two last names, pick your two favorites. 🙂

The Imperial Court of Washington DC reserves the right to edit protocol as necessary and the final decision is that of our Minister for Protocol.